Document Properties: Linetypes

Manages the linetype patterns for the current model.

  • Using linetypes displays curves using dashed or dotted.

  • Linetypes are assigned as object
    and layer

  • Linetypes affect only curve objects – not surfaces, solids, or other object types.

To set linetypes on objects

  • In the Object Properties dialog box, under Linetypes, click an option.

  • The default object linetype is By Layer.

To set linetypes on layers

  • In the Layers dialog box, in the Linetypes column, select an option.

  • - or -

  • Use the SetLayerLinetype command.

To define linetypes

  • In the Document Properties dialog box, on  the Linetypes page, use the controls to add a new type.

To use linetypes defined in another Rhino model

  • Edit the linetype definition file linetypes_1033.txt (for English).

  • Note: Linetype files are located in Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McNeel\…. You may need to display hidden files and folders to find this file.

  • Import a model that contains the linetype definitions (this can be a blank model).

  • Define linetypes in the template

  • Copy
    a line with the linetype definition and paste
    it into your current model.



Sets the display scale for linetypes to inches.


Sets the display scale for linetypes to millimeters.


Controls the scale used to display linetypes in the viewports. The Scale setting does not affect printing. If you have a dashed pattern (for example) defined as 1/2″ line followed by 1/2″ break, repeated; that is how it will appear on paper, when printed, without regard to print scale.


Linetypes are defined by a comma-separated list of dash and gap lengths (in model units), always starting with a dash. A zero-length dash is a dot.


Deletes a linetype definition.


Adds a linetype definition.


Rhinoceros documentproperties Linetypes

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Rhinoceros Menu2 Linetypes

File > Properties

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Sets the global linetype scale.

Rhinoceros  ABlankButton Linetypes


Rhinoceros Menu2 Linetypes


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