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Rhinoceros RenderApple Rhino Render

Manages the render settings for the current model.

To assign render materials to objects, see Material Properties

The basic renderer supports spot, point, directional, rectangular, and linear lights.

Before you start the command

  • On the Render menu, click Current Renderer, and then click Rhino Render.

Resolution and antialiasing



Renders the active viewport the active viewport using the pixel size of the viewport.


Renders the active viewport using the custom resolution. Type the custom width and height resolution in pixels.

Preset sizes

Renders the active viewport the selected pixel resolution.


Calculates the size of the image in the selected unit system based on the Resolution and DPI settings. This is useful for determining the size of the image for printing.


Set the image size in pixels, inches, millimeters, or centimeters.


Image dots per inch.

Lock viewport aspect ratio

Maintains the aspect ratio of the viewport. When the height or width is changed, the other dimension changes in relation.


A method of smoothing the jagged edges along the lines and curves of text or graphics. This is done by a mathematical process that super samples pixels. Aliasing is caused by limited display resolution. Aliasing effects include stair-stepping along diagonal lines and moiré effects in checkerboards.

Rhinoceros AntialiasingNo Rhino Render

Rhinoceros AntialiasingYes Rhino Render

Rhino calculates each pixel in the rendered image by averaging several samples taken from the pixel area. This makes the image appear smoother, but also slows down rendering.

Ambient light


Rhinoceros RenderAmbient 001 Rhino Render

Sets the color of the darkest spot on the objects in the scene in the rendered image. The color of the low light areas of the model is a blend of the object color and the ambient light color.

Bottom color

Rhinoceros RenderAmbient 002 Rhino Render

Sets a different color for the lower area.



Rhinoceros RenderBackground 001 Rhino Render

Sets the color of the render background.

Bottom color

Rhinoceros RenderBackground 002 Rhino Render

Sets a different color for the lower area, creating a gradient effect in the background.

Use wallpaper

Rhinoceros RenderWallpaper 001 Rhino Render

Uses the viewport wallpaper as a background.

Stretch to fit

Rhinoceros RenderWallpaper 002 Rhino Render

Fits the wallpaper to the rendered view.

Transparent background

Rhinoceros RenderBackgroundTransparent Rhino Render

The background is rendered with an alpha channel for transparency. The image must be saved to a file format that supports alpha channel transparency (.png, .tga, .tif).


Use lights on layers that are off

Controls whether or not spotlights that are on hidden layers or that are hidden with the Hide
command are rendered.

Render surface edges and isocurves

Rhinoceros RenderIsoCurves Rhino Render

Surface isoparametric curves
and edges are rendered with the surfaces.

Render curves

Curve objects are rendered with the surfaces.

Rhinoceros RenderCurves Rhino Render

Render dimensions and text

Rhinoceros RenderText Rhino Render

Dimensions and texts are rendered with the surfaces.


Rhinoceros documentproperties Rhino Render

File > Document Properties

Properties > Document Properties

Standard > Document Properties

Rhinoceros Menu2 Rhino Render

File > Properties

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