Options: General

The General options control menu functions, undo, and startup commands.

Most-recently-used commands pop-up menu

When you right-click in the command area, or program your middle mouse button
to display the recently-used commands menu, a menu displays at the cursor location containing a list of recently-used commands and the commands you have entered as your favorites.

Limit list to ___ commands

This allows you to choose the maximum number of items that can appear in the most-recently-used command lists.

Show these commands at the top of the menu

Your favorite commands will always display in the popup menu at the top of the popup menu above the most-recently-used commands.

Command Lists

Run these commands every time Rhino starts

Defines a list of commands that will run automatically whenever you start Rhino.

Never repeat these commands

Defines a list of commands that will not repeat when you press Enter


Note: Only command names can be flagged as do-not-repeat. If a command is in a macro, it will repeat even if it is on this list..


Min number of undos

Defines the minimum number of undo steps kept in the undo buffer. Rhino always stores the minimum number of undo steps, regardless of the amount of memory used. If there are more steps, they are also saved until the amount of memory used exceeds the amount the specified

Max memory used (MB)

Defines, in megabytes, the maximum size for the undo buffer. The actual size may be bigger if the minimum number of undo steps takes more memory.

Default surface isocurve density

Show surface isocurves

Sets the display of surface isoparametric curves
for new objects.

Isocurve density

Defines the default surface isoparametric curve density for new objects. Set this to 0 to turn off isoparametric curve display for new surfaces.


Isocurve density


One isoparametric curve on knot-free spans, or just the knot
isoparametric curves.


One non-knot isoparametric curve drawn between knot locations plus the knot isoparametric curves


Two non-knot isoparametric curves drawn between knot locations plus the knot isoparametric curves


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