Options: RhinoScript

Sets script configuration.


Reinitialize script engine when opening new models

Specifies whether RhinoScript will release all global subroutines, functions and variables from memory between modeling sessions.


Scripts to load when Rhino starts

Specifies what scripts should be loaded when Rhino starts. Scripts not listed here are loaded on demand.

Rhinoceros docpropsfiles new RhinoScript New

Add a new startup script.

Rhinoceros docpropsfiles delete RhinoScript Delete

Deletes a script from the list.

Rhinoceros docpropsfiles moveup RhinoScript Up

Moves a script up the list. Scripts run in the order they appear in this box.

Rhinoceros docpropsfiles movedown RhinoScript Down

Moves a script down the list.

Note: This command will not work unless the plug-in is loaded. See the Options dialog box, Plugins

Plug-in name: RhinoScript

File: Rhinoscript.rhp


Rhinoceros options RhinoScript

Standard > Options

Tools > Options

Properties > Options (Right click)

Standard > Options (Right click)

Rhinoceros Menu2 RhinoScript

Tools > Options

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