Properties: Material

Manages render material properties.

Assign By

Using a plug-in library, rendering properties can be assigned to layers, or to objects that will be used with the basic Rhino renderer.


The object inherits the render material assigned to the layer. To change the material assignment of the layer, use the Layers
dialog box.

By Parent


Render materials are assigned using the current rendering plug-in application.


Render materials are assigned to individual objects and are used by Rhino’s built-in renderer.

Basic Material Properties

If you select the Basic option for assigning render properties, you can set the color, finish, transparency, texture, and bump for use by the built-in Rhino renderer.


Names the material.


The color used to render
surfaces, polysurfaces, or polygon meshes. To change the render color, click the color swatch and select a color in the Select Color
dialog box.

The color option does not affect the select wireframe display. To change the color of the wireframe display, change the color of the object’s layer
or set the color on the Object page.

Gloss color

Sets the highlight color. Note: Set the highlight color to match the base color for metallic materials. Set the gloss color to white for plastic materials.

Gloss finish

Adjusts the highlight from matte to glossy.


Defines the name of a bitmap file that will be mapped onto the surface when you render the scene.



Adjusts the transparency of an object in the rendered


Bump bitmap

Defines the name of a bitmap file that will be mapped on the surface as a bumpmap
when you render the scene.



Defines the name of a bitmap that will be mapped onto the surface as though it were being reflected.



Sets the properties of the selected object to match the color, gloss finish, transparency, texture, transparency, bump, and environment of another object in the model.

  • Select

    an object with the properties to match.


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