Rhino window parts

(1) Menu

Groups Rhino commands by function.

(2) Command history window

Displays the previous commands and prompts. Text from this area can be copied and pasted into the command prompt, macro editor, button command, or any application that accepts text.

(3) Viewport title

Left click to activate the viewport without losing selected objects.

Right-click to display the viewport title menu

(4) Status bar

Displays the current coordinate system (CPlane
or World
), the current location and delta of the cursor, and the status bar panes

(5) Viewports

Displays the Rhino working environment including object display, viewport title, background, construction plane grid, world axis icon,

(6) Toolbar

Contains graphical icons for initiating commands.

(7) Command prompt

Displays prompts for command actions, allows typing command names and options.

(8) Window title

Displays the current model’s file name.

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Rhino Window