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From the Color List

  • In the Select Color dialog box, from the Named Colors list, select a color.

From the color selector

  • Drag the marker around the wheel to define the hue.

  • Drag the marker horizontally in the square to define the saturation level.

  • Drag the marker vertically in the square to define the brightness value.

From the HSV and RGB boxes

  • To select an red/green/blue (RGB) color, type RGB values in the Red, Green, and Blue boxes.

  • To create an hue/saturation/brightness value (HSV) color, type values in the Hue, Saturation, and Value boxes.


  • The upper part of the color box shows the currently selected color. The lower part shows the previous color.

  • If you change the hue but do not see much of a change in the sample box, click in the upper left corner of the shade square to make sure you’re seeing the hue at full saturation and value.

  • You can customize the file if you want to define your own color palette. Rhino searches for colors_****.txt at startup in the Rhino/System/Languages folder. If it finds a colors_****.txt file, and this file contains more than one color definition, the internal color list is replaced with the colors extracted from the colors.txt file. The “;” or “//” characters can be used as comments either at the beginning of a line or after the color definition.

  • MyColorName1,105,105,105



Select Color