Start Rhino in Safe Mode

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Safe mode is a method of opening Rhino with features disabled that might be the cause of crashing.

Safe mode is not designed to be a working mode – it is a troubleshooting, problem solving mode.

Use safe mode if Rhino crashes immediately on starting, crashes when shading, or crashes when running commands that are part of a plug-in. Please report all problems crashing Rhino to the Rhino development team.

If you launch Rhino in safe mode, the following items will be disabled:

  • Any startup commands listed in the Rhino Options dialog box, on the General

  • Command line scripts specified by the “/runscript” argument.

  • All plug-ins.

  • Templates.

  • OpenGL shading.

To open Rhino in safe mode

  • On the Windows Start button, under Programs, select Rhinoceros in Safe Mode.

Get technical support:

  • By posting a question to the Rhino newsgroup news://

  • By sending email to

  • Web site

Start Rhino in safe mode