Match curves and surface edges.


  1. Select

    an end an open curve.

  2. Select the curve to match.

  3. Choose match curve options.



Matches the curve perpendicular to the curve and uses the surface to determine continuity.

Match Curve Options





Preserve other end

If you are working with curves with fewer than 6 control points, the curvature at the other end of the curve to match may be modified. The Preserve other end option prevents this modification.


No constraint.




Average curves

Both curves adjust to match each other.


The curves join after the match.


Merge is available with the Curvature option, and it makes a single curve instead of a composite curve. If you edit this curve’s control points
, the location where the two original curves match will deform smoothly. You cannot explode the curve into the segments that were originally matched.

Rhinoceros MatchCrv Match

Curve Tools > Match Curve

Rhinoceros Menu2 Match

Curve > Curve Edit Tools > Match

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Adjusts the edge of a surface to have position, tangent, or curvature continuity with another surface.


  1. Select

    an untrimmed surface edge.

  2. Select the edge to match.

  3. Pick the two surfaces near same ends. This surface can be either trimmed or untrimmed.

  4. Choose options.



Allows selection of more than one edge to match.



Average surfaces

Both surfaces are modified to an intermediate shape. If the target surface is also untrimmed, the surfaces match by averaging the two.

Refine match

Determines if the match results should be tested for accuracy and refined so the faces match within tolerance
. If necessary, Rhino adds knot
lines to the modified surface or surfaces until the surfaces are within tolerance

Match edges by closest points

Aligns the surface being changed to the target edge in two ways:

Stretches or compresses the surface to match the entire edge end to end, or pulls each point object on the edge to the closest point object on the other edge.

Preserve opposite end

Adds knots to the span so that the opposite edge opposite does not change.


Previews the match changes in the viewports.

Isocurve direction adjustment

Specifies the way the parameterization of the matched surfaces is determined.


If the target edge is not trimmed, it works like the Match target isocurve direction option.

If the target edge is trimmed, it works like the Make perpendicular to the target edge option.

Preserve isocurve direction

Does not change the existing isoparametric curve directions.

Match target isocurve direction

The isoparametric curves of the surface will be parallel to those of the target surface.

Make perpendicular to target edge

The isoparametric curves of the surface will be perpendicular to the target surface edge.


  • The edge of a surface being modified must be an untrimmed edge.

  • A closed edge cannot be matched to an open edge.

  • Only single complete edge curves can be matched. If you need to match to part of an edge, trim the surface or split the edge (using the SplitEdge

  • MatchSrf is the most reliable when the surfaces are nearly matched already and require only a small amount of movement to get an accurate match.

  • MatchSrf can be useful for matches that are more similar to geometry creation than to fine-tuning. It is possible to move edges a long way and change their shape drastically, but it might take some experimenting to get what you want.

  • You can sometimes change the results of MatchSrf by adding or removing knots manually before you do the match using the InsertKnot
    and RemoveKnot


Rhinoceros matchsrf Match

Surface Tools > Match Surface

Rhinoceros Menu2 Match

Surface > Surface Edit Tools > Match

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