Creates a surface fit through selected profile curves that define the surface shape.


  • Select

    the curves in the order in which the surface should pass through them.

  • Note: Select open curves near the same ends. For closed curves, adjust the curve seams




Determines the knot and control point structure of the surface.

Normal (1)

The surface has a “normal” amount of stretching between the curves. This is a good choice when the curves are proceeding in a relatively straight path or there is a lot of space between the curves.

Loose (2)

The surface control points are created at the same locations as the control points of the loft input curves. This is a good option if the control points will be edited later or when the curves are just a hint of the final shape.

Tight (3)

The surface closely follows the original curves. This is a good choice when the input curves are going around a corner.

Straight sections (4)

Creates a ruled surface: the sections between the curves are straight.

Developable (5)

Creates a separate developable
surface or polysurface from each pair of curves.

The Developable option is designed to create surfaces that can be developed (flattened) using the UnrollSrf
command without stretching the surface.

Not all sets of curves create developable surfaces. You may get no surface or a partial surface.

Two straight lines that are not parallel are not developable.

Uniform (6)

Guarantees that every control point affects the surface exactly the same way, no matter how much the surface is edited. The Uniform option could also be useful when making multiple surfaces that need to be fully compatible with each other, for example when making a morph animation from one shape to another.

Closed loft

Creates a closed surface, continuing the surface past the last curve and around to the first curve. Available when you have selected three shape curves.

Match start tangent

If the start curve is a surface edge, the lofted surface maintains tangency with the adjacent surface. You must use at least three curves to activate this option.

Match end tangent

If the end curve is a surface edge, maintains tangency with the adjacent surface. You must use at least three curves to activate this option.

Cross-section curve options

Align Curves

Click the end of a shape curve to reverse (flip

) the direction.

Do not simplify (A)

Curves will not be rebuilt.

Rebuild with control points (B)

the shape curves before lofting.

Refit within (C)

Refits the shape curves to the specified tolerance value.


Click to preview the loft.


Rhinoceros HistoryEnabledCommand Loft

History enabled…

Changing the input objects changes the output objects.


  • If the original loft made a single surface, subsequent lofts recreated by history will make a single surface, even if the new surface will have kinks.

  • If the original loft made a polysurface, subsequent lofts created by history will make split surfaces at creases.

Rhinoceros loft Loft

Surface > Loft

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Surface > Loft

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